The Marketing Data Conundrum
Online marketing is inarguably a voracious data dynamo. Companies generate a myriad of metrics to be measured, but how to go about that analysis it can be daunting.

Initially, the enigma of SEO seemed magical, didn’t it? If you chose the right keyword phrases, high rankings were actually an easy metric to achieve. But beyond the science of metadata now lies big data, and it’s ubiquitous and mystifying.

The good news is you do not have to stay up late trying to understand its care and feeding necessary for your business’ success. Now, you can focus on winning in the competitive landscape, instead of taking another hit based on off-the-mark marketing targets that come from a shrink-wrapped piece of software.

It’s a known fact that metrics are a marketing value-add: They identify strengths and weaknesses, highlight trends and serve as trackable mechanisms to increase revenue. They trace investments and predict expected returns.

Proper and timely data is critical to success, but without people let’s face it— it’s just data.