Every website owner or operator is constantly on the prowl for new ways to boost traffic. Improving traffic to your website is a lengthy, arduous process that requires patience. One of the least recognized yet highly effective ways to increase traffic to your site or blog is by publishing interesting quotes. Quotes that engage audiences by providing unique insight, humor or other desirable characteristics are considered to be “Tweetable”.

Tweetable quotes will spur a short-term increase in traffic that could eventually lead to a dramatic increase in your long-term followers. Such quotes will also boost your website's engagement metrics as well as its audience. It's the perfect way to draw attention to your online content without appearing as though you are desperate for hits and comments.

Brainstorm Topic Ideas

Spend some time gathering or creating Tweetable quotes. Don't choose any old quotes. These statements and tidbits of wisdom should be relevant to your website's purpose and/or your business's industry. The content of the quotes must engage your target audience. Think about what your audience needs to solve its unique problems. Perhaps your website has a sales event on the horizon. Or maybe a holiday is approaching and you can publish insightful content relating to the festivities or specials that your organization will be conducting.

Lean on Others

Sometimes, you just can't come up with insightful quotes on your own. If you can't brainstorm as you originally anticipated and you can't find relevant group discussions to post to your blog, ask for help. The beauty of Tweetable quotes is that you don't have to do all the work yourself. Don't be afraid to ask colleagues within your industry or your active Twitter followers about tips on particular topics relevant to your business/existing blog content. These tips don't have to be lengthy. A single sentence or two will suffice. Make sure your audience knows that you aren't looking for paragraphs and you will likely receive plenty of responses. When in doubt, lean on MyBlogU and HARO for additional tips and insight.


Once you have gathered tips from industry veterans and social media followers, consolidate them into a cogent article. Be sure to use visual quotes to shed light on the most helpful tips. Follow each tip with a Tweetable quote that tags the respective authors.

Go Live With the Piece

Once the content is ready to go live, notify all of the participants who helped the article come to life. Publish the article and watch the steady flow of tweets and retweets roll on in. They will come from participating influencers, their followers and others. The result will be a spike in your website's traffic and a stream of comments. The only caveat with this type of “quick hack” is that it should not be employed on a daily or weekly basis. If it occurs at such a high frequency, your blog and general web content will lose its idiosyncratic identity. Stay true to your voice by relying on Tweetable quotes once per month or once per quarter.